Posted on: December 9, 2010 2:54 pm

A fan betrayed

Betrayal, one definition of this word that I found was “to seduce and desert. That is exactly what I feel Carl Crawford did to me and the entire Tampa Bay area yesterday. He spent eight years here making us love him, then he just tossed us to the wayside to become a traitor. Did I think that he would come back here? Absolutely not, we fans were assured by team management that we had no chance of retaining any player that cost any bit of money. But did I think he would pick the Red Sox? No, I did not.

I had come to terms with his departure in August, before the season had even ended. I was ready for him to head off into greener pastures and hopefully get himself a ring and some cash. There were 28 teams I was ready for him to go to; too bad he picked the one I could never be ready for. My most hated team in the entire major leagues, Boston. If he had gone to the Yankees, he would be going for the prestige, the history. Or if he chose the Angels it would have been for the fact that he was a perfect fit. But going to the Red Sox? The only thing that tells me is you are a sellout. You are heading to a team that you know your previous fans hold in such low regard to just take the money and run.

Up until yesterday I was ready to go to the first game we played against his new team and cheer him at every at bat. If he were to hit a walk off, I would have been ecstatic. But now, I am thinking of clever sign ideas to show him how displeased I am. In a lot of ways for me this is the Rays version of Lebron James leaving Cleveland. I feel like I have lost a part of myself today, a part of my identity. I will still go to plenty of games, I will still wear my jerseys with pride, but at the same time I will be mourning the loss of a good friend who is now dead to me.

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